A Crossfit Home Gym Has Several Health Advantages

The perfect Crossfit home gym isn’t all about putting together a long list of products and throwing them into your home. It’s about knowing what the most important pieces are and why a Crossfit home gym is the best choice instead of other choices. It’s about quality, durability, and all-around efficiency that puts a Crossfit home gym at the top of that niche. Let’s take a look at a few of the main components of this gym.

Bumper Plates

Thinking about lifting heavier? Well, you do not want to be damaging the home right off the bat. As the weights get heavier, it becomes more challenging to manage them.

This is where bumper plates help guard the floor within the home before it gets damaged.

Pull up Bar

Pull ups, chin ups along with other related workouts are part and parcel of every quality lifting routine. You need to be able to gain control over your entire body and really pack on those muscles and that’s why a bar should be set up right away inside your home.

A home gym that doesn’t feature these pieces in them will never be finished. It’s important to get them in place before moving somewhere else towards extra products.

What Are Your Different Hay Spear Choices?

A hay spear is something that is attached to heavy equipment like fork lifts in order to lift stacks of hay and other items. There are actually many different choices of hay spears, which is to say that different hay spears look differently. They vary in length and the shape of their points.

If you take a look at http://ag-go.com/, you will see different hay spears that have either been discontinued, are in overstock, or else are priced at a deep discount. If you have a favorite spear that isn’t available anymore, you could check it out at the website.

We found a hay spear that has a square shank and tip. We also found something that has a tapered neck and a collar.

Hay spears are hardened and treated so that they can easily move large bales. Hay spears are not cheap and they usually cost over $30, although you can buy some items at a discount. When it comes to buying hay spears, you really should consider a product’s durability. Make sure that it’s built to last 40,000 cycles and that it can do the heavy and dirty work so you don’t have to.